Friday, May 3, 2013

Vi editor: Delete matched search pattern from a file

1) How can I search for a word and delete that matched word in vi editor?

This is bit tricky question. With SED its bit easy to do. In vi editor too we can search for a word and delete it with some trick.

Delete matched search term from a file

Step1: Go to command mode and search mode

Step2: Now search for your term and replace it with nothing


This will help you to delete all the occurrences of your search term. Let me explain above syntax

:%s is for searching for entire file, if you want to search in a particular line we can just use :s.
/serchterm// will replace 'searchterm' with nothing, which means it will be removed from that line
g for global removal, what it mean is the search and replace operation is applicable for all the occurrences of search-term in a given line.

Delete matched search term line from a file 

Some times its require to delete entire line of your searched term. We can use below code once you go to command mode


Deleting reverse or inverse of search term lines from a file

We can even delete all the lines which do not contain our search term with below code.


Hope this helps, check our other vi editor posts as well.


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